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Rylo Rodriguez’s Unfuckwitable is a gritty and unapologetic track that serves as a testament to his resilience and unwavering determination. Released by the talented artist, this song has drawn attention for its raw and authentic portrayal of street life and personal struggles. In this review, we’ll delve into the musical and lyrical elements that make “Unfuckwitable” a compelling and introspective piece of hip-hop.

Song Information :

Song Title :- Unfuckwitable

Writer Name :- Rylo Rodriguez

Singer Name :- Rylo Rodriguez


Unfuckwitable Song Lyrics

 I’m a 90s’ baby, I came up drinkin’ Act’, I don’t sip no Par

2023, bro, get in line, there’s a wait list on this car


Wait list on this ho, I give her back, she asked me ’bout a check


I’m NFL lit, just like Sauce Gardner, I hit the ho and jet


Could’ve been a realtor, got a couple houses ’round my neck


Nigga pillow talkin’, know you tired of yawnin’, go get your rest


Real brick baby, Section 8, my cousins WIC babies


I’m a ‘Bama boy, I’m thinkin’ ’bout startin’ a label with Nick Saban


Say I’m in a room with a bitch, and that ho don’t wan’ fuck


Like a player, I’ma call me a slut, and hit it in front of her


Fo’ sho’, you know my earring cost a hunnid


Your plans of playin’ me, you need to cancel the shit like Donda


Give the ho a Plan B, you ain’t finna be my baby momma


Oh, you geeked still?


Day one’s only, I ain’t kickin’ it with no new niggas, hold your feet still


Caught ya man, but he can’t duck a taco, wanna beef still


I still ain’t signed to a major label yet, I need six mill’


Can’t run from no switches even if he zigzags


Money on my head, I double that and put that back on your lil’ bitch ass


Took a Tesla in the Tesla, the car can’t get gas


No make-up, still a ten, I can’t believe the lil’ ho this bad


220 on the Redeye, I can’t believe the car go this fast


Soon as they see that you a lil’ happy, then they get big mad


Free the bros, they had got booked for playin’ the cards that they was dealt


I’m from where we put in our shirts and stand on cars at the Delta


Go to Neiman’s and buy the Rhude, don’t tell me thank you, say you sorry


Me and bro’nem just were horseplayin’, now we pull in a Ferrari


(Me and bro’nem just were horseplayin’, now we pull in a Ferrari)


On a bus, he had got bust, shit too hot for the Mega


Lil’ bro fly and he be trappin’, he know how to get them hoes through Delta


Hoe really green, but’ll have your pockets in the red, only if you let her


Fuck you mean? I don’t care if he a teen, he still get hit with fully


In the game, I done seen a vet’ get took out by a rookie


You ain’t got no aim, niggas spinned on you and mistakenly shot your brother


She fakin’ pregnant, I gave her abortion money when I know I used a rubber


From the ‘jects, where you rob your bro and you better not tell your mother


Chase for the jet, I’ma send that lil’ ho right there through American


This ain’t that, her time of the month, won’t go in if I see blood


This ain’t whack, the candy will still float to the bottom like it’s mud, he think it’s Act’


Everybody on my payroll turnt, and I call my bluff if you try me


I live just like Travis Scott, I’m pipin’ up my Kylie


Go shop in Prada, baby, mix it with the Wham, put it in the Grabba Leaf


He livin’ backwards he don’t get no paper, he’d rather go catch a body


Oh, he think he bad? Lil’ bro been in that field so long, I think he lost a knee pad


One opp died, that ain’t enough, still incomplete, he hit up the repass


Bro know it ain’t no snow down in the South, still rock the ski mask


The hardest worker got bows inside the couch and had a Desert Eagle


When you floor it, pedal to the metal


Bulletproof the Trackhawk, you know they say birds flock together


He got shot and can’t walk, therapy gettin’ his nerves back together


She clean up real nice, she in her bag, she got every pair of Bottega


Ho, you playin’, she brought her sleeping bag


Wanna nut? Call up a black truck, she ain’t stayin’


Been a few years since I coughed, I’m pourin’ mud bro, me, and Dann


Know your stylist’ll probably faint if I deactivate my ‘Gram


They tryna see who dress, go tell ’em free lil’ Jeff


Left his ass at the light, money for a member, it shouldn’t be no turn, we got the traffic light


Inside the driveway when I’m rockin’ Goyard, 12 hit the spot


Took him to the station, now he ain’t got no charge, you a whole rat


But his block ain’t got no morals, you still a dope boy


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Lyrically, Rylo Rodriguez dives deep into his life experiences, addressing the challenges he’s faced, and the determination that fuels his journey. The lyrics are a vivid reflection of the street life, touching on themes of betrayal, loyalty, and ambition. Rylo’s delivery is emotionally charged, conveying the weight of his words and the authenticity of his experiences.



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