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At its core Raangla is a song that celebrates the spirit of freedom, self-discovery, and the pursuit of one’s passion. The lyrics beautifully convey the idea of breaking free from societal norms and expectations to follow one’s true calling. The term Raangla itself is an endearing Punjabi word that roughly translates to someone who is vibrant, passionate, and full of life.

Raangla Song Lyrics

Oh Chalu Kadam Kadam Tere Sang Sang
Chalu Pehar Pehar Tere Sang Sang

Dharu Dheere Dheere Panv Main Zameen Pe
Yahi Pe Hai Kahi Pe Mahi Mere Mann Ka
Tabhi Toh Mann Kangana Sa Mera Shannka

Raangla Hai Yeh Safar Raangla
Raangla Hai Yeh Safar Raangla
Tu Humsafar Raangla

Raangla Hai Tha Safar Raangla
Raangla Hai Yeh Safar Raangla
Hoga Safar Raangla

Chalu Kadam Kadam Tere Sang Sang
Chalu Pehar Pehar Tere Sang Sang

Song Information :

Song Title :-Raangla Song

Writer Name :-Irshad Kamil

Singer Name :-Pratibha Singh Baghel , Shankar Mahadevan

Raangla Song from the Movie Dono (2023)

In the bustling world of Bollywood, each year brings forth a slew of cinematic gems, and 2023 is no different. Among the notable releases of the year is the movie Dono starring the promising Rajveer Deol and the enchanting Paloma Dhillon. This film is directed by the talented Avnish Barjatya and features music by the iconic trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. One of the standout tracks from this movie is Raangla a song that has captured the hearts of many with its mesmerizing melody and soul-stirring lyrics.

The Music Maestros: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, known for their remarkable musical compositions in the Indian film industry, have once again created magic with Raangla. Their ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly is evident in this song, which is sure to be a musical highlight of “Dono.”

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Soulful Voices: Pratibha Singh Baghel and Shankar Mahadevan

Raangla wouldn’t be the sensation it is without the captivating vocals of Pratibha Singh Baghel and the ever-so-talented Shankar Mahadevan. These two accomplished singers bring depth and emotion to the lyrics, elevating the song to a whole new level.

Lyrics That Touch the Heart: Irshad Kamil

Irshad Kamil, a name synonymous with poetic brilliance in the world of Bollywood, has penned the lyrics of Raangla. His ability to convey complex emotions through simple yet profound words shines through in this song. The lyrics of Raangla tell a tale of love, longing, and the beauty of romance, making it relatable to listeners of all ages.

These lines beautifully capture the essence of the song, which revolves around the theme of love being the driving force in life.

Music Rights Belonging to Zee Music Company

The enchanting melody of Raangla is not only a treat to the ears but is also widely accessible, thanks to Zee Music Company, which holds the music rights to this song. Their dedication to promoting and distributing music ensures that listeners worldwide can enjoy this musical masterpiece.

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